X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Wireless Chair


Our second awesome gaming chair is brought to you by X rocker, this excellent team always manage to bring a few surprises with each new product and this beauty is no exception.

As soon as you sit down in the 51396 Pro Series, you will feel ready for action! This is a real improvement on previous versions and in terms of ergonomic quality, this gaming chair is in a class of its own. Thanks to endless research and testing, the X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 51396 Wireless gaming chair is ideal for a huge range of heights and body shapes. This all adds up to hours and hours of fun gaming no matter what platform you prefer.

This computer gaming chair also features a terrific wireless transmitter system that allows you even more freedom than the previous versions could manage. Equipped with RCA stereo outputs and the option to add some very nice RCA cables, makes this one of the best computer gaming chairs that you can get in today’s market.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Wireless
  • Twin speakers
  • RCA stereo outputs
  • Subwoofer