The Corsair Gaming Mouse – Corsair Scimitar Pro


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Corsair seems in a rush to cover every area not touched by any other MOBA gaming mouse yet. With the Corsair Scimitar Pro gaming mouse, it has strived to gather the best MOBA gaming features in one place.

Having a stylish look, ergonomic design, and a package of best specs, this Corsair gaming mouse certainly outclasses all other mice supporting the MOBA gaming category.

The Corsair Gaming Mouse – Corsair Scimitar Pro
The Corsair Gaming Mouse – Corsair Scimitar Pro

The Corsair Gaming Mouse – Corsair Scimitar Pro Design & Features:

In the Corsair Scimitar Pro gaming mouse, the makers have tried to append every trait needed for efficient MOBA gaming in a single package. The mouse has an extensive thumb panel with 12 programmable buttons, along with the other programmable keys, making a total of 17 buttons in all. Indeed, it is a fantastic control system ever found in a gaming mouse!

The 12 keys present in the thumb panel on the left-hand side of the mouse are carefully placed to ensure the best sensitivity with precision in cursor movements. The keys are covered with textured caps for a comfortable firm grip during intense gaming. The textured surface also rules out the probabilities of unintentional hand gestures due to gaming pressure.

The overall design of the mouse is an exotic blend of convention and futurism. The other 5 keys, apart from the thumb panel, are beautifully placed on the front adding up to its elegance. Two of the five keys constitute the standard right-click and left-click buttons, extending out in a blade-like manner, in the center of which is enclosed the illuminated scroll wheel. The illumination owes to the RGB lighting source placed under the wheel which adds glory to the overall look of the device.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is not only operative for the MOBA games,rather it also supports MMO games like any other designated MMO gaming mouse. You can effortlessly set up separate profiles with customized settings for these gaming environments. With specific lighting effects powered by the 4 different RGB zones, you can easily know which profile is active at any instant.

For ensuring the user’s comfort, the mouse has an elegant design and ergonomic shape which provides a firm grip on the mouse even in the stressful conditions. The perfect arching shape seamlessly fits the cup of your palm while holding the mouse.

The list of the classy features exhibited by the mouse doesn’t end here. Corsair seems to have made every attempt to outnumber its competitors with this product. The mouse indeed sports the best DPI rating as compared to a majority of gaming mice. It exhibits a precision of 16000 DPI at a maximum. You can swiftly adjust the DPI settings to an accuracy of 1 digit through the two DPI control keys located on top of the mouse, just beneath the scroll-wheel. With such customization, you can optimize your mouse for the best gaming performance on almost every mouse pad.

The Downsides:

The mouse lacks the DPI light indicator. But since it offers customized RGB colors to be assigned to separate profiles, the absence of DPI indicator doesn’t seem an issue.

Nevertheless, the incompatibility of the mouse for the lefty gamers is a drawback that limits its radius of potential users.