Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat – Driving Simulator Gaming Chair


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Sometimes as gamers we all dream to be in a real racing track fighting for the first position at horrendous speeds but all that is not easy to come by for a non-professional racer. For those gamers who are die-hard racing fans, this is one simulator that will surely rock your world.

The OpenWheeler is an advanced gaming console which incorporates a driving simulator attached to a chair where you can easily connect to your gaming station. It is basically used for driving games and the whole design of the chair is made just to give you a real driving experience.

OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair
OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair

This racing chair does not come with the gaming machine, i.e. your steering wheel and pedals. That is for you to purchase. The only thing it comes with is an adjustable rig whereby you can move the seat back and forth just like in a real car. For aesthetic purposes and the kind of detail that has been paid attention to, a gamer who is into racing will love this machine as it brings out the racer in you.

When it comes to the chair itself, it is designed to look exactly like that one of a real racer. The bucket seat design makes it really comfortable to sit in and offers a lot of adjustability with the tilt. The adjustable rig makes it suitable for people of different frames and height.

OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Key features

  • Compatible with racing games
  • Adjustable rails
  • Comfortable adjustable seat
  • Expensive