N Seat Pro 600 Gaming Chair


Our final computer gaming chair is brought to you by those clever people over at N Seat, and their Pro 600 Series is a real gem! Head and shoulders above its predecessors, this product is full of quality and clever design features. As soon as you sit down in this gaming chair, you will start to experience the benefits in its very clever lumbar support setup. Gamers can spend hours enjoying these features without worrying about a bad back or a sore neck. The material is very well appointed and if you enjoy a lean back position, this is going to make you smile! We also noted that the rotation function was excellent with no issues. N Seat have come up with a great gaming chair with the Pro 600 Series and the armchairs are as good as you will find in this price bracket. The cushions are equally comfortable and we liked the way that the foam proved to be so durable. This chair will last a long time and gamers of all ages and sizes will be impressed with the N Seat Pro 900 Series thanks to the build quality and clever design.

Key Features:

  • Great build quality
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent lumbar support