Metallic Mb06 Sr-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle


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This Mb06 Sr-2 tactical airsoft sniper rifle is not only one of the most interesting looking rifles, but one of the best performing guns of the MBO line. Its affordability has made it a big seller as it is one of the most effective rifles you can get at an affordable price. The most amazing thing is with the price it stands at, the rifle comes with a scope which when bought separately, can be quite expensive.

The rifle uses a single bolt action and fires at a speed of 500 FPS. Very impressive! The gun features a bipod mount which you can easily add at your own preference. It however doesn’t come featured with one.

It’s a lightweight Airsoft field sniper rifle which has a full tactical stock that is fully adjustable, just like an M4. Maybe that’s where it derives its name from. It comes embodied with a pistol grip which makes it even look better aesthetically.

A full metal sling mount can be found at the stock for carrying purposes. The barrel is made of metal and the handle is rubberized.


  • Has a good price/quality value
  • A removable 3-9×32 scope included
  • An extendable bipod included


  • Medium quality scope