Lenovo Gaming Mouse – Lenovo Wired Y Precision Gaming Mouse


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With so many names competing in the battle of producing the best gaming mice, why would Lenovo lag behind? Lenovo has undoubtedly been successful in introducing the latest technology within an affordable budget in Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse.

Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse Design & Features:

With its extravagant design, the Lenovo Y gaming mouse is packed with impressive technology to serve as an all-purpose gaming mouse. The first thing to be noticed in its design is its unusually large size. The enormous size makes it a preferred choice for the gamers with large palms. Also, the blend of round and angular shapes makes it look even more stunning, diminishing the shine of other high-end rival mice.

For a seamless grip during the game, the sides of the mouse are roughly textured to support your thumb and the outer fingers.

Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse
Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse

The Lenovo Y Wired Gaming Optical Mouse illustrates a balance in its attributes, exhibiting no flaunty features. The material of the mouse is, however, a bit inclined to the standard range of quality. But the large size is ideal for a firm palm-grip. Moreover, it brings with it four adjustable weight cartridges, each of which weighs around 5g. Hence, you can increase or lower the weight of the mouse depending upon your gaming habits.

The top of the mouse carries the standard left and right-clicks. In the center of the two buttons is placed the scroll-wheel, which is a little more rubbery than what we experience with other high-end mice. The DPI adjustment control button is located beneath the scroll-wheel for a quick optimization of DPI. On the whole, it bears eight programmable buttons, with two thumb buttons as well.

Offering more personalisation options, it allows you to adjust the DPI levels at any value lower than 8200 DPI. Indeed, it is a wonderful precision exhibited in an affordable range. Furthermore, the polling rate of 1000Hz jazzes up the mouse precision and sensitivity even more.

The quality and the apparent look of the mouse may let it appear as an average device, the durability of its buttons up to 20 million clicks makes us believe that it really is an impressive gaming mouse with high endurance towards intense gaming.

The Downsides:

The unusually large size of the mouse limits its users to a particular group of gamers with larger palms. For a majority of the players, this Lenovo Y gaming mouse is not comfortable to be used. Moreover, it is also not suitable for the left-handed gamers.