Lancer Tactical M82 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


For another big gun like the Barrett, this is a complementary gun that you can use. This gun is so lightweight due to its polymer material. If you do get the gun with the bipod, you will notice that the bipod is fully metallic. The butt plate is rubberized for comfort reasons. It also has a long rail so that you can attach a wide variety of scopes, sites or optics that you choose. It comes with a 25 round magazine with, get this, a storage compartment.
It would be better if they just made it into a full magazine because I don’t see the point why but maybe some people find it useful. It’s easy to operate, simply pull back on the charging handle and you are ready to shoot.
The gun shoot at a velocity of about 420 to 430 FPS and a detachable barrel where you can adjust the hop-up. It also comes with a 500 capacity magazine but only has a 25 round capability at once. You can store Co2 cartridges, more bbs or candy bars if you like.
For the economic airsoft fans out there this gun is pretty much inexpensive and you may find it suitable for the price that you pay for.


Comes with a scope and bipod
Pretty affordable to buy
500 round capacity magazine.
Very lightweight


Wasted space in the magazine
It is all plastic