Google WIFI Wireless Router Review


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Google WIFI router is an amazing innovation aimed to bring ease to the customers who are tired of managing the complex configurations of their wireless routers. As opposed to the common contour of the wireless devices, the Google WIFI router comes as a white colored cylinder that blends well with your home décore.

One can guess how perfectly Google is trying to set up new trends in the computing arena by debuting this product.The Google WIFI is an extension of the previous hit Google OnHub. To eliminate a few downsides present in the OnHub, Google workers teamed up to create a setup that provides an entirely new networking experience.

Google WIFI router Google WIFI router

Google WIFI Router Features:

  • The router comes in a set of three devices that connect together to form a mesh network for an uninterrupted connectivity.
  • To preserve the aesthetics of the Google router, the power button is placed at one point on the rounded side of the device, whereas the bottom of the cylinder bears two Gigabit ports, one each for LAN and WAN connectivity, along with a USB port.
  • Prominent components in its hardware include a quad-core processor, an internal 512MB RAM, and a 4GB flash memory.
  • It is a dual-band router functioning impeccably well at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and supporting speed up to 470Mbps.
  • With the 802.11ac wireless protocol, it connects all your home devices at a time.
  • Quick setup with a user-friendly mobile app, compatible with both the iOS and Android.
  • A single router supports fast-paced connectivity within the coverage area of 1500 square feet, that can be extended up to 4500 square feet with three routers.