Corsair T1 Gaming Chair Review


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This is Corsair’s first gaming chair release which surprised the industry because it really came out of nowhere.

For a stylish looking gaming chair that fits the aesthetics of your gaming room, the Corsair is a good chair you might consider.

The sleek designs and modifications of Carbon Fiber pattern throughout the chair, makes it really look like it was cut out of a racecar. The soft material is leather and it has a good firm padding that gives comfort to the user.

It comes with a detachable headrest that wraps around the backside when you need to lay and rest your head. It also includes cushioning for lumbar support which prevents against back hurt.

It has adjustable vertical and horizontal armrests to let you choose when you want to take it low or higher depending on your desk height. You can also adjust the height of the chair and the angle of the back up to 180 degrees depending on your need.

Corsair T1 Gaming Chair
Corsair T1 Gaming Chair

Corsair T1 Gaming Chair Key Features:

  • Has a good comfort cushioning
  • Great build quality and aesthetics
  • Neck and spinal support
  • Multi-functional