CodyCross Art Museum Group 722-Puzzle 3 Answers [UPDATED]

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CodyCross Art Museum Group 722-Puzzle 3 Answers :

1. Chaperone, could be romantic interest – companion
2. Surgical board game, try not to make it buzz – operation
3. Dry out; remove the moisture from something – desiccate
4. __ hunt, a game where you collect a list of things – scavenger
5. Multi-leg sports event with baton exchanges – relay race
6. Aggression, antagonism – hostility
7. Country whose name means little Venice – venezuela
8. Hesitant, unenthusiastic – reluctant
9. First operational space shuttle to be retired – discovery
10. Quirky term for the speed of posted letters – snail mail
11. Similar to a computer program, runs on phones – mobile app
12. Memphis mansion owned by Elvis Presley – graceland
13. Thistle-like vegetable with leaves and a heart – artichoke
14. French for a small, bite-size cake – petit four
15. Entrance hallway in a public building – vestibule
16. Thames-side revolving wheel, lit up at New Year – london eye
17. Knight’s armor made of interwoven metal rings – chain mail