Woorank Certification Exam Answers 2020 [UPDATED]

Qualification Exam Name : Woorank Certification Answers 2020
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Woorank Certification Details :

  • Time limit : 15 Minutes
  • Nb of Questions : 44 questions
  • Required Pass rate : 80% or higher to pass
  • Validity Period : 12 Months

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Woorank Certification Exam Details :

1-According to SEO best practice, what is the maximum number of H1 tags a page should have?
2-Which of the following redirects should be used when perminantly redirecting the location of one URL to another?
3-Which of the following redirects has the ‘See Other’ response?
4-Which of the following error codes is used when the requested resource has been permanently removed?
5-Affiliate marketing is:
6-A deep link is:
7-The alt attribute is:
8-To be considered mobile-friendly, a website should have:
9-An XML Sitemap is:
10-When the URL of a page is changed, it’s usually best practice to:
11-The meta description can help to:
12-Which of the following is against Google’s Guidelines?
13-The sample size in Google Analytics can be adjusted by:
14-The hreflang tag is used to:
15-Which of these is NOT a Google recognized search operator?
16-CTR is calculated by the below formula:
17-Which of the following characters should be used to separate words in URLs?
18-Which one of the below statements is false?
19-Which of the following is used to highlight a preferred page, when other versions of the page may also exist?
20-In PPC the advertiser pays for:
21-Backlinks from Social media channels offer a good source of link juice.
22-Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a site who leave after only viewing a single page.
23-utm_medium and utm_term are URL parameters that are both required for campaign tracking.
24-Pages created automatically from searches carried out on your website provide a good method for building user generated content to target new keywords.
25-Which of the following tools is not used for backlink analysis?
26-Why should the Alt attribute be included when adding images?
27-Google’s ‘Search Analytics’ allows users to track and filter Clicks, Impressions, Clickthroughrate & Positions, using data from the last 3 months.
28-Google Analytics is capable of tracking user activity on any digitally connected device.
29-Google Search Console’s ‘Search Analytics’ allows users to track and filter Clicks, Impressions, CTR & Positions, using data from the last 16 months.
30-What is NOT a benefit of local SEO?
31-If no title tag and/or meta description is specified for webpage, Google will generate one automatically using the content on the page.
32-An XML Sitemap can be tested & submitted to Google using Google Search Console.
33-In Google Analytics, the value (not set) appears for the selected dimension when no source filters have been applied to the Property View.
34-Evergreen content has a short shelf life, like a news article.
35-How might Google make webmasters aware of a manual penalty applied to their website?
36-Which of the following tools can be used to extract estimated keyword volumes associated with search terms in Google?
37-Which of the following is required based on Google’s recommendations for a mobile-friendly website?
38-Which of the following tools can be used to identify mobile optimization issues?
39-Which of the following is the most important for on-page SEO?
40-Which of the following can be used to handle duplicate content?
41-Google Analytics tracking code should be inserted:
42-What type of tool would be best for tracking how users are engaging with your web pages?
43-Which of the following animals is associated with Google’s algorithm used to target sites with large amounts of thin content?
44-How can a company create a forum for dialogue on LinkedIn?
45-Which of these is NOT considered as duplicate content:
46-How can a user track activity from their own internal search on their websites?
47-The ALT attrubute is:
48-Evergreen content has a short shelf life (such as news articles).
49-It is a best practice to block javascript and CSS in the robots.txt file.
50-The meta keywords tag is used by Google as a ranking signal.
51-Flash content is known for being easily indexed by search engines.
52-Anchor text is the name given to the snippet of content used to promote pages in the search results.
53-1% CTR means that for every 100 impressions there are 10 clicks
54-In email marketing, the abbreviation UCE stands for:
55-In Digital Marketing, what does UX stand for?
56-How do you check Google’s cache of a page?
57-The Google Pigeon update mainly affects: