SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Certification Exam Answers 2020 [UPDATED]

Qualification Exam Name : SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Certification Exam Answers 2020
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SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Certification Exam Details :

  • Time limit : 20 Minutes
  • Number of Questions : 27
  • Required Pass rate : 70% or higher to pass
  • Retake period : You can take the exam again after 1 day if you don’t pass.
  • Validity Period : 12 Months

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SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Certification Exam :

1-A user referred by you contacts SEMrush sales team and requests a custom plan. What will happen?
2-Can you refer a company you work for* to SEMrush? (*The company where you are an employee)
3-Choose three answers. To receive your commissions, you need to:
4-Choose two answers. A zero dollar sale is showing up in your statistics. It means that:
5-Choose two answers. To upload your tax form and update info about your preferred method of receiving commissions, you need to:
6-Choose two answers. What are the two payout dates for BeRush affiliates?
7-Choose two answers. What kind of marketing materials can you use to promote SEMrush?
8-Graphs in the statistics tab are updated in real time.
9-If you choose Wire transfer as your preferred method of payment, you will receive your earnings after you accumulate a total of $50 in commissions.
10-Providing a reference link and advising your friend or client to use SEMrush is NOT against BeRush rules.
11-Referral links can lead to SEMrush homepage only.
12-What channels are forbidden to use for SEMrush promotion? Choose two answers.
13-You are allowed to create multiple accounts within BeRush for different domains and marketing activities you use for SEMrush promotion.
14-You are allowed to sign up as an affiliate at BeRush and then use your referral link to register a paid account on SEMrush.
15-You are using PayPal, and your balance is below the payment margin. On the 24th of current month, a new purchase moves it over the payout margin. When will you receive your commissions?
16-You can promote SEMrush via video content, but pre-made videos are not available as a type of promo material.
17-You can refer your clients to a free 7 days trial by using the following url:
18-You can use social networks to promote SEMrush.
19-You can use the brand name of SEMrush and BeRush as a keyword in your PPC campaign.
20-You can use Third Party websites’ materials for your promotional campaigns of SEMrush.
21-You CANNOT use a referral link in an email.
22-You need to provide your full bank account details to receive payments via wire transfer, but not to receive payments via PayPal.
23-You want to share the commission with your clients. What’s the best way to do it?
24-Your referral link looks like “{ID}” where {ID} is your individual referral code.