HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020 [UPDATED]

Qualification Exam Name : HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2020
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HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Exam Details :

  • Time limit : 1 Hours
  • Number of Questions : 60
  • Required Pass rate : 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake period : You can take the exam again after 1 day if you don’t pass.
  • Validity Period : 24 Months

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HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Exam :

1-A computer program that allows you to access and manage your email is the definition of what?
2-A lead views a specific page on your website, say, your case study page. You then send targeted follow-up content like one of your more popular case studies. This is an example of what type of email?
3-As an inbound professional you might be sending many different types of emails, even one-to-one communication emails. What will you need to send one-to-many emails?
4-Before emailing any contacts in your database, what question do you need to ask yourself or your team?
5-By adding the following copy to your email, what are you doing for your contacts? “Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I’m thrilled to have you here! You’ll be receiving updates from me on how to send better emails on a monthly basis, but if you’re looking to update your email preferences, you can do so anytime here. Invite your team members to subscribe because when we learn together, we grow together.”
6-Each year your contacts database will decay, so to successfully cater to the needs and interests of your contacts, what do you need to begin with?
7-Fill in the blank: ________ will give you the number for each email recipient sample size that will help yield conclusive results.
8-Fill in the blank: A ___________ strategy is focused on using a software program to easily store and source a contact’s information, including their name, contact history, email information, and more.
9-Fill in the blank: Connecting the different stages of the buyer’s journey with the content you’re sending is an example of ____________.
10-Fill in the blank: Consistent analysis helps you discover _________.
11-Fill in the blank: In the _________ stage of the buyer’s journey, the potential buyer has defined their problem and is actively researching different solutions.
12-Fill in the blank: In your email marketing strategy, CATS refers to “the right content to the right audience ______________.”
13-Fill in the blank: Inbound is the happy marriage between___________.
14-Fill in the blank: Return on investment is used in many aspects of your inbound strategy. In your email marketing strategy, it is defined as the overall return your ________.
15-Fill in the blank: The snippet of copy that’s pulled in from the body of your email is the _________.
16-Fill in the blank: Without ________ for your emails, you won’t know if your emails are successful or not.
17-Fill in the blank: Words like “free” or “percent off” will not only trigger spam filters for your email, but will also ___________
18-Having an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve is the most important part of creating high-performing emails. What theme does this correlate to?
19-How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?
20-How many contacts do you need on your list to run an A/B test?
21-If explicit data is information that is intentionally shared between a contact and a company, what is implicit data?
22-If you have an offer that’s targeted towards your leads in your database and wouldn’t provide as much value to your customers, what could you segment by to send only to your leads?
23-In an interview with the HubSpot partner Campaign Creators, what did they say is one of the most important parts of their lead nurturing strategy?
24-In the email world, consent can be defined as any time you collect verifiable permission from an email recipient to send them email. What is one way you can collect consent?
25-Lead nurturing can be defined as a way to build relationships. While building these relationships, there are key benefits to your business. Lead nurturing will help you build relationships by being the ___________.
26-Segmentation is an important piece of your inbound email marketing strategy. What does segmentation primarily help you do?
27-Sending the right email requires tactical aspects. Which of these are tactical aspects of sending the right email?
28-Software with the goal of automating your marketing actions is the definition of what?
29-Someone on your team hands you a list to send out your newest marketing email to. You have been working on this email for a while, and they said the contacts on this list will appreciate the content. As an inbound professional, you know you can’t send to a purchased or enriched list of contacts. You need more information about this list in order to send to them. How could you respond to your co-worker?
30-Taking the essential pieces of any email and optimizing each piece to help drive conversions towards your set goal will help you create high-performing emails. What are these essential pieces?
31-The number of valid email addresses that accepted your company’s message is the definition of what metric?
32-The significance of segmentation, the power of personalization, and the impact of data-driven analysis are the three pillars of an _________.
33-There are three best practices for creating a successful segmentation strategy. Two of them are having a clean and organized database and collecting the right information. What is the third?
34-There are three key components to sending the right email. Two of them are the right email and the right time. What is the third?
35-There are three types of metrics you want to analyze and track. Two of them are individual email metrics and whole marketing channel metrics. What is the third?
36-Through sources, permissions, and expectations, you’re taking a close look at the contacts lists that you’re sending email to. This will help you ______.
37-To help you track the health of your database, you’ll typically want to have a few segments that help you monitor that health. What is one example of a segment to track health?
38-True or false? Analysis is only important in your inbound email marketing strategy.
39-True or false? Any email marketing vendor of value will not allow you to send to a purchased list.
40-True or false? Are there three levels of opting in types?
41-True or false? Creating a consistent learning experience is a step in outlining the design of your marketing emails.
42-True or false? Email deliverability is the measurement and understanding of how successful a sender is at getting their marketing email into people’s inboxes.
43-True or false? Every test you run needs to have statistically significant results.
44-True or false? If you cannot determine the source of your contacts, you have verifiable permission to send them.
45-True or false? On average, for every dollar spent on email, it has consistently produced anywhere from a $40-44 return.
46-True or false? The email body copy, the body design/layout, the body images, the CTA, and the email signature are all elements that can affect the open rate of your email.
47-True or false? This an example of timeliness within lead nurturing: “A contact downloads a piece of content on ‘The Best Ways to Create Subject Lines for Email Newsletters.’ You and your company send a follow-up piece of content that builds off that subject, such as a blog post on how to write effective email copy.”
48-True or false? Trust is not a factor of your lead nurturing strategy.
49-True or false? When you take a specific action on a website around a certain topic, and an email is triggered to you that follows up with additional educational content around that topic, this is an example of sending the right email.
50-True or false? You need a dedicated A/B testing tool to run your A/B tests.
51-True or false? You need a web designer to design your marketing emails.
52-True or false? You want to strive for a very little drop off between the number of people you sent to and the number of people you were able to successfully deliver to.
53-True or false? Your email outline is the actual template you’ll use for every email.
54-Using an A/B test, what can you test with your marketing emails?
55-Using the data you have on each of your contacts—such as when they open, click, and convert—and scheduling your emails to send when your contacts are mostly likely to engage with your email is the definition of what?
56-What are the three levels of opt-in?
57-What are the three ways to look at your contacts list through?
58-What are the two buckets that your post-send metrics fall into?
59-What are the two key actions to look at when optimizing each part your email?
60-What does AIDA stand for?
61-What does email delivery refer to?
62-What does it mean to create an inbound email marketing strategy?
63-What does the send metric help you analyze?
64-What helps to ensure you deliver the right email to the right person?
65-What is graymail?
66-What is one common cause of low click-through rates?
67-What is the average width of an email?
68-What is the definition of a conversion?
69-What is the definition of an email marketing strategy?
70-What is the definition of analysis?
71-What is the definition of email deliverability?
72-What is the first question you should ask yourself when testing your marketing emails?
73-What is the ideal length of a subject line?
74-What is the the last step of running effective lead nurturing campaigns?
75-When creating your overall lead nurturing strategy, what is something you want to keep in mind and make a part of your strategy?
76-When deciding to run an A/B test, your team discusses the length of time you want to run your test for. What should you and your team do to define the time range?
77-When looking to send email to your contacts you need to collect what _______ to help build the trust you need to create lasting relationships with your contacts.
78-When planning an effective lead nurturing campaign, what is the first step that you should take as an inbound professional?
79-When sending email you can segment contacts by their buyer personas. What is a buyer persona?
80-When sending emails and setting goals, you want to go beyond checkpoints of activities for your goals. What are examples of checkpoints of activity?
81-When sending the right email, there are three key things you’ll need to understand: why you are sending that email, your goal, and the value you’re delivering to the person on the other end of the send. This gives you the foundation to __________.
82-When using a significance test calculator, what is the “margin of error” called?
83-When was the first email sent?
84-Which of the following is an example of a fundamental (s) of writing effective email copy.
85-Which of the following is NOT a step in creating tests for your marketing emails?
86-You can use your database and contact management strategy to do a few things: see the whole picture of every contact, organize contacts to keep a healthy database at all times, and what else?
87-You have one goal for your email, and your CTA should drive the reader toward that goal. In addition to your CTA button, how else can you link to your CTA?
88-You received an email this morning where the content didn’t align with the subject or the context in which you were receiving it. It was a jarring experience for you. What was this email not doing?
89-You’re looking to send an email to three different lists of contacts. You’ve created each segmented list based off where those contacts are in their research process with your company. What type of lists have you created?
90-Your email metrics are your listening device to refine and improve your marketing emails over time. What can your metrics help you track?
91-What is the definition of lead nurturing?