Bravo Full Metal Mk98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle


From the people at Bravo who have been on the market for so long, first thing you notice when you look at it is that it’s reminiscent of the L 96 sniper rifle.
The gun comes with a sling to mount if you need to use it on the gun. It comes with a scope on purchase. The stock is made out of ABS plastic but the butt plate is rubberized for protection.
A chick plate is available to adjust your aim on the scope. It shoots at a velocity of 500 FPS as it’s a spring bolt action weapon. It really does shoot very hard out of the box. MK98 comes with a speed loader just like the typical sniper rifle and two magazines.
Probably the best at performance and best value for your money. Such numbers are hard to come by. The magazine capacity is just 20 rounds per magazine. The gun comes with 0.20g bbs which shoots great using the hop-up.


Really affordable and cheap
Great performance at 500 FPS
Cheek rest for comfort purposes
Rubber butt stock for comfort


Only has one color to pick from: green