Bolt Action Airsoft Bt-L96 Sniper Rifle


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First and foremost, when you come across this rifle, the first thing you will notice is the optic scope it comes with. The BBTac BT-L96 airsoft sniper rifle comes with a 3-9×40 adjustable zoom hunting scope and a bipod. What other better deal can you get?

For comfort purposes, the chick-rest and stock at the butt plate are all adjustable. For the aesthetics fanatics, it has two steel sling mounts at the back. The bipod is adjustable to allow the shooter to move around a target at ease.

You won’t get many airsoft sniper rifle that come with speed loaders of a hundred rounds! Rifles like these are hard to come by, and based on its performance, it is quite a good airsoft rifle.

At 200 feet, the BT-L96 airsoft sniper rifle can shoot a 0.25grams bbs with accuracy at speeds enough to shatter glass. This rifle is the best gun for anyone wanting to upgrade their shooting game.


  • Scope included (Can zoom at far distances)
  • Bipod included
  • Shoots at long ranges (500 FPS)


  • None