Blackweb GRIM Gaming Mouse


Blackweb is a Walmart’s brand under the umbrella of which various computing devices and accessories have been launched. We have seen several wonderful products in Blackweb series, such as wireless gaming mice, speakers, cables, connectors, gaming keyboard, etc.

The Blackweb GRIM Gaming Mouse is one such brand that has made up its position to our list of best gaming mouse thanks to its competitive features.

Blackweb GRIM Gaming Mouse-min
Blackweb GRIM Gaming Mouse-min

Blackweb GRIM Gaming Mouse Features & Design:

Blackweb GRIM gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to ensure user’s comfort while gaming. Besides being restful, it showcases a stylish design that makes it comparable to the other high-end gaming mice from the top brands.

The mouse predominantly has a symmetrical shape with carefully carved keys. The top of the mouse bears the two standard right-click and left-click buttons, enclosing a scroll-wheel in between, like any other mouse. To make it look distinct from regular mice and similar to top gaming mice, it bears a DPI adjustment key beneath the scroll-wheel. Whereas, the thumb panels carries only two buttons that can be programmed for your desired game functions.

The most prominent feature of this mouse which safely classifies it as a peripheral gaming device is its efficient DPI rating. The mouse can efficiently be optimized for up to 3200 DPI.

For the indication of DPI setting, it features 4 different light indicators each representing a specific configuration. These colored lights further enhance the classiness of its design.

Blackweb Mouse Downsides:

Walmart could have made its product gain a large number of customers only if it has made it usable for left-handed. Regretfully, the Blackweb gaming mouse does not support left-handed gamers. Moreover, it also has few programmable buttons as compared to other advanced gaming mice from Logitech and Razer.