Best Couches In 2019 – Buyer’s Guide


Imagine yourself as a man; you really do not have range of choices about furniture for your living space not until it is time for you to make a choice. Then suddenly you are all ears and begin to pay full attention. Afterall, the couch is of great importance to you due to the following reasons.

  • The couch is where you sit to watch soccer match.
  • The couch is probably where you will pass out just before evening program starts.
  • The couch is where you will spill you drink when you really joyous about an event.
  • You may even be banished from the bedroom and you wouldn’t have a choice than to pass the night on the couch.

Now you can see why you have to go for the best couch for your living room.

Selecting the best couch for your home can be a little difficult at times. Infact it can be one of the hardest purchase to make. While looking for a lovely bed or a luxurious dining table may stress you a little at the store, the couch serves as a central gathering place in the house. This literally means the spot to host guest overnight, make good memories and enjoy late night snacks perhaps when watching a movie. It is pertinent for a couch to be comfortable, durable and spacious for all members of the family. Also, seeing a couch fit beautifully into your living space is suppose to sweep you off your feet.

Therefore, when choosing the best couch for your living room there are some things to consider. Some of these things are versatility, comfort and fitness to the body. In addition, it has to look great and fit into the room décor perfectly so that it can be accepted by all members of the family. Below is how to choose the best couch.

Now let’s move on to list of best couches to buy.

Best Couches 2019

Due to the fact that selecting furniture depends on taste of the buyer. It is somehow difficult to choose the best couch to buy for you. However, we have been able to come up with some of the best reviewed couch in varieties of forms. Whether you have affection for the middle century trend or you will rather go for the traditional beauty, this article will give you the right information about some of the best couches. These forms come in different styles, colour, sizes and types to suit different purpose. You will be so amazed with what you are about to find out.

Let’s keep going!

  1. Homelegance Linen-like Fabric Couch – The Best Couch Of All


  • Its general dimension is eighty four inches in width by 35.75 inches in depth by 35.75 inches in height
  • It comes in grey linen fabric that is 100% polyester.
  • Its structural piping trim boosts its classic clean style.
  • It has arm rest and firm back rest for optimum comfort.
  • Its leg is also easily assembled.
  • It comes with two bird design throw pillows with zipper covers.

This Homeglance tops the chart of among the best couches as number one choice for your home. This is because it is functional, comfortable and not too expensive. It also comes with a style as well. Perhaps your choice of a couch is the less trendy but physically appealing and well designed one. Then Homeglance couch is the best one for you. It is available in three colours namely grey, teal and beige although we have preference for the teal color. The fabric from which it is made from feels and look like linen but you will be surprised to know it is polyester. The width of the couch is about eighty four inches. All you need to do as the owner is to fix the leg when you arrive or when the product is delivered to you. In addition, two throw pillows are included as a bonus for you. Although, it is recommended that you customize this couch with accessories to suit your own taste.

According to review from customers, it is easy to assemble. A pregnant woman was able to carry out this task easily. Also, the cost, comfort and appearance of this Homeglance couch cannot be compared to others. If you are in search of a simple couch you will still be in love with over time then this piece is a perfect choice for you.

The next couch on the list is,

  1. Elle Décor Chloe Couch– The couch with the mid century looks


  • Its overall dimension is seventy four inches in width by thirty two inches in depth by thirty five inches in height.
  • It is made from sixty one percent wood, sixteen percent upholstered material, thirteen percent foam, five percent metal and five percent others.
  • It comes with luxurious cushions with enough space to sit or lay.
  • It is made with durable microfiber available in gray, beige and dark gray color that resists stains and can be cleaned easily.
  • It is conveyed in a single environmental friendly box for ease and convenience.
  • It can be easily assembled within ten minutes.

We are not going to deny the fact that we are so much in love with the sleek lines, tapered legs and modern beauty of the middle century appearance. In short, we are overwhelmed this Elle décor Chloe couch. It is not as expensive as homeglance yet it is made to be very soft with stunning looks. We can say it is well designed and upholstered. It is available in varieties of colours such as dark gray, light gray and beige microfiber fabric. It is just seventy four inches wide. This makes it a perfect fit for small space or large living room with a love seat and few cushy chairs as well.

It is easy to assemble and the whole couch is delivered to you in one box so you do not worry about staying home expecting multiple deliveries. According to review, those who bought this couch for their home claims it looks fabulous in their living room. To spice it up, you can simply add a few geometric or block printed throw pillows to give you that stylish middle century piece enough for the whole living room. Isn’t that amazing? Bet you just said it is.

Now let us move on to the next couch on the list.

  1. Charlton Home Patricia Rolled Arm Couch– The best couch for your budget


  • Its overall dimension is 33.9 inches in height by 78.75 inches in width by 31.5 inches in depth.
  • The seat dimension is twenty one inches in depth by twenty inches in height by seventy inches in width.
  • Its overall weight is ninety pounds.
  • The height of its leg from top to bottom is four inches.
  • Its foam density is 2 PCF.
  • It has wooden frame and wooden legs.
  • It comes with attached back cushion.
  • The bottom cushion is not reversible.
  • Its sitting capacity is three people.
  • Its upholstery material is microfiber/ micro suede.
  • Its upholstery color is dark gray.
  • The color of the leg is usually black.
  • It comes with solid pattern/
  • Maximum load it can withstand is 600 pounds.
  • Assembly is required.

The Patricia rolled arm couch is very lovely couch with striking appearance. Infact it looks costlier than its actual price surprising! It may not be the cheapest couch on the list but know you will always get the value for your money. Its price really complements its looks, better than the amount paid for it. It is about 78.75 inches wide and 31.5 inches deep that makes it a bit narrow than some of the other couches on the list. It is a good choice for a new home or cozy den. It is available only in deep slate grey color. A few black and white throw pillows will look great on it give it that stylish appearance.

Some people who bought this couch claims its firmness does not remain the same over time. This literally means the couch softens after sometime. That should serve as an eye opener for you. Furthermore, they also said that its colour can appear bluish when placed closed to cooler paint colours. If your choice is a timeless style that will not be above your budget then this couch is recommended for you. If you go for this piece, you will not be disappointed. You can trust us on this.

The fourth couch on the list is,

  1. Dwellstudio Florence leather Couch– The couch with the best splurge


  • Overall dimension is thirty five inches height by eighty five inches width by thirty seven inches depth.
  • Seat dimension is twenty three inches depth by twenty inches height by seventy four inches width.
  • Its weight is 133 pounds.
  • The height of its leg is seven inches (from top to bottom),
  • Height of its back from top bottom is fifteen inches.
  • Its height excluding its legs is twenty eight inches.
  • Its pattern is solid while its frame material is wood
  • Its seat fill material is 1.8 ultra cell foam with a crown padding and the 0.75 ounce low melt bonded polyester fiber wrap.
  • Its back fill material is also 1.8 ultra cell foam with crown padding and the 0.75 ounce low melt bonded polyester fiber wrap.
  • Seating firmness is medium.
  • It comes with removable cushion seat.
  • It has tufted back type.
  • Its cushions are also tufted.
  • It comes in pieces so assembly is required.

The Dwellstudio Florence leather couch is among the most beautiful and comfortable couch you can go for. It can even make your neighbours stop by to have a peek at because of its stunning looks without your knowledge. When you are ready to get a piece of furniture that will still maintain its looks over a long period of time or still looks beautiful as it ages. Then the Dwellstudio Florence leather couch is the perfect fit for you. This couch is made with five different shades of top grain leather. So also the colour the legs may be black, oak or walnut. In addition the couch is eighty five inches long. This is more than enough space suitable for quick naps or cocktail parties. As we all know a leather couch is a good choice for families with food spoilage problem. If you are in this category then you should consider the Dwellstudio leather couch. However, if you keep pets around the house you might want to reconsider unless you are sure you will be able to keep their claws as far away as possible to avoid damage to the couch fabric.

Reviews shows that owners have special interest in its button-tufted backing and appreciate the elegance and comfort offered by this piece.

Now it’s getting interesting

  1. Ashely Zeb pull-out sleeper couch – The couch with plush comfort and memory foam mattress.


  • Overall dimensions are seventy nine inches in width by thirty eight inches in depth by thirty eight inches in height.
  • It is already assembled before delivery and fits into doorway thirty two inches or wider.
  • Its body is made with ninety percent polyester/ ten percent nylon upholstery.
  • It comes with two fold full memory foam mattress that provides better airflow to enjoy a cool night sleep.
  • A supportive steel frame houses the mattress.
  • Its overall weight is 188 pounds.
  • Its arm height is twenty six inches while the height of the leg is three inches.
  • Mattress dimension sixty inches wide by seventy two inches depth by 4.25 inches height.
  • Memory foam mattress is covered by damask ticking.
  • Back and loose seat cushions are attached.
  • The leg of the couch is exposed with faux finish.
  • Seat depth and height is twenty one inches and twenty inches respectively.
  • Its foam cushions are wrapped in thick poly fiber and can quickly return back to their normal shape after being pressed.

When checking out a sleeper couch, comfort is of great importance. If you are the type that host guest overnight frequently, knowing they had a great night will make you a better host. This piece (Ashley zeb pull-out) comes with a bonus pack of full size memory foam mattress that some claim to be very comfortable. This is even better than the previous spring mattress. The couch is seventy nine inches long, well piped to give it that trendy look. Guess you know what I mean? This does not in any way look like an old fashioned pull out couch and your guest will be very grateful for giving them a good mattress to pass the night.

Ashley zeb sleeper couch adds a minimalistic design element to your living room. Its crisp tailoring and ultra soft microfiber makes it standout among other couches. We can boldly tell you your guest will love this piece at first sight.

  1. Modway Engage Mid Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Couch – Suitable for modern lounge spot


  • Overall dimension is thirty three inches depth by 90.5 inches width by 32.5 height.
  • Its seat dimension is 24.5 inches long by eighty one inches wide by nineteen inches height.
  • Its arm rest dimensions are twenty seven inches long by 4.5 inches wide by 24.5 inches height.
  • The cushion is six inches height.
  • Its load capacity is 1699 pounds.

There are lots of cheap couches available in the store if you are after the middle century modern style. But from our own point of view the Modway Engage couch is better than its competitors. This couch can be highly customized. It is available in thirteen different colours like atomic red, wheat grass just to mention a few. It is made with fine upholstery (quality polyester fabric) we so much love the appropriate details suitable for a given historical era such as the sixties television show. It is 90.5 inches wide that makes it one of the largest couches on our list of best couches. It is more suitable for large living spaces.

Some people claim this piece looks outstanding in their living room and for the record it is a bit firmer than other couches in the same category. Perhaps you are a shrewd fashionista who prefers style above other specifications when it comes to couch selection, this Modway Engage couch is the perfect fit for your home.

  1. Coaster Home Furnishings Couch – The chesterfield that screams class!


  • Overall dimensions are sixty seven inches width by 37.5 inches depth by 33.5 inches height. (Width may be up to ninety three inches).
  • It comes with solid wood legs and frame.
  • It is adorned with button tufting including rolled arms and back.
  • It has brown pull up bonded leather match attached seat and back cushions,
  • It also comes with very plush feather down pocket coil seats.
  • It weighs 144 pounds.
  • It possesses reversible seat cushions.

There is just something about this couch that makes it enticing and irresistible. This may be due to some of the features it possess such as the tufted back, reversible seat cushions, the metal studs and the rolled arms, this sofa is just too sophisticated. Its wooden frame and legs are sturdy constructed for stability and heavy use. Its tufted back also adds a decorative and elegant touch. If you are searching for a traditional couch at an affordable price, this coaster home couch is a very good choice. It is decorated with dark brown bonded leather with a solid wooden frame that can withstand the test of time. This literally means it is strong and does not wear out easily. The coaster home couch is ninety three inches wide with a weight of 144 pounds as stated earlier.

According to review form users, it was stated that the massive piece of furniture is a perfect fit for large families or a room with a lot of space to fill up without spending much on couches.

  1. Morten two seater couch – Inspired by Scandi design


  • Its overall dimension is 165 centimeter width by 82 centimeter height by 87 centimeter height.
  • Its frame is made of pine wood, plywood, carton and webbing.
  • Its seat and back are foam padded.
  • Its feet are made from solid oak.
  • Its upholstery is made up of grey polyester wool, Flavio 017 Antracitr, Martindale Rub Count- 30,000.

This product got its inspiration from the laid back style of scandi design. You can easily get carried away by its elegant curved silhouette. Its upholstery is pure soft wool that gives the couch the luxurious look. This couch has a feminine shape and it is supported by legs made from oak with a touch of white wash to give it that comfy Nordic appearance. The cushions and fixed and does not need regular plumping. The Morten two seater couch is suitable for homes where couches are much preferred. It goes well with other furniture in the home such as other living room furniture or a set of bedroom décor.

  1. Dylan Statement Two seater couch – For smaller living room


  • Overall dimensions are eighty three centimeter height by 151 centimeter width by 89 centimeter depth.
  • Its arm dimensions are 63 centimeter height by 15 centimeter width by 59 centimeter depth.
  • Its seat dimensions are 17 centimeter height by one hundred and nineteen centimeter width by fifty nine centimeter depth.

This wonderful couch is also a design inspired couch. There something cheerful and fun about this couch once you lay your eyes on it. Its angled wooden legs are fresh and updated. They are angular but have soft attractive curves. The cushions are softly curved and the visible seam on the arms makes it look natural and beautiful. This couch is one hundred and fifty one centimeter wide that makes it suitable for smaller living spaces. It is available in different colours such as yolk yellow, mineral blue and marl grey.

  1. Kota Three seater couch – The couch with dual function


  • Overall dimensions are one hundred and eighty nine centimeter width by ninety centimeter height by one hundred and two centimeter depth.
  • It weighs thirty eight kilogram.
  • The fabric is made from sixty five percent polyester and thirty five percent linen.
  • The seat and back cushion is made up of foam with a fiber top.
  • The open couch bed is equal to a double bed and depth is one hundred and twenty three centimeter.
  • The legs are made up of light wood and needs assembly

This amazing couch is a good purchase for home with less space. This couch also serves as a bed hence got its name ‘sofa bed’. It is made from eucalyptus tree and ply wood. It is designed in such a way that the back can be flipped down; you will be amazed to see your three seater couch turn into a small double bed. This is indeed a handy apparatus incase of sleep over guest you didn’t plan for. Its seat is very firm but does not have arm rest to save space. If you prefer your couch with arm rest, you might want to reconsider. It is also available in various colors such as orange, black and white weed.

Now that we have provided you with list of best couches you can opt for, you can now go ahead to choose the one that best suits your home.

How To Choose The Best Couch?

Buying a couch is a huge investment and you have to enjoy what you go for. Nobody needs to be frustrated or regret buying a particular couch due to been hasty or not thinking it through before making a purchase. Although a good sales person should be able to assist you during selection and also help you make the choice that best suits your needs.

Above all, the most important factors to take into consideration are quality and comfort of the couch, especially if you are the type that desires to spend ample amount of time on your couch. Physical appearance of a couch does not determine its comfortability so don’t be deceived. This is why you have to try them out before you make a final choice. Let me quickly walk you through the following tips to help you out.

  1. Do not be in haste

Take your time whenever you are trying out a couch. This is to enable you know and feel it well. Not spending enough time when doing this will not tell you much about it. You wouldn’t have to bother yourself or feel uncomfortable about this in the store. It’s your couch and obviously you are going to pay for it. The sales person will understand why you are trying out different couches in the store. So relax and take your time. You need to really understand how it feels to sit on it for a while.

  1. Try different sitting positions

Ensure you try out as many sitting positions as possible. Also, remember to check them out in the exact way you like to sit on a couch. Perhaps you like to sit curling your legs upward or you love to stretch out on it. You may even feel happier sitting in the center with your hands spread out. Furthermore, do not forget to check the height and depth of the seat. Deeper seat is a good choice for people that are tall. But if you find it difficult to stand up from a seated position, you can try couch with shallow seat.

Apart from the height, consider how your back feels while sitting on it as well. As you do this try and answer the following questions.

  1. Do you prefer a couch with tight fitting back? or
  2. The one with loose cushions.

Try out all the various types of cushions to see the one that best fits you.

Note: Remove your footwear before you place your leg on the couch if that is the way you choose to sit.

  1. Try varieties of fills

Different people with different definition of what they choose to be comfortable with. Some people prefer a couch they will sink into while sitting, while others may go for a firmer seat. Which type do you like? Guess you already have an answer to that. This is why you have to try out different fills to know the level of softness or firmness that you prefer.

Also, consider the level of softness or firmness in the seat and back. You may not want them to be the same and guess what? It is not compulsory for both to be the same.

  1. Check the type of fabric

Each fabric of the couch does not feel the same and it has a vital role to play in the general feel of a couch. You may prefer the appearance of heavily textured fabric. But you have to be sure you like how it feels as well. Do you like surface that feels slick? Or leather fabric does it for you especially when you try to move over.

Take your time; sit on different couch to check their fabrics. This will make you know how they feel. Sit till you are able to choose the best couch for yourself. This is very important especially if that couch is going to be used the most.

While checking the fabrics, you consider if it stretches or wrinkles easily. Fabrics that wrinkle easily will not maintain its appearance for long. Sagging fabrics will make the couch look dilapidated on time.

We hope you find the above tips useful.

That will be all on how to choose the best couch.

Good luck!

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