Barrett M82a1 Gun M107 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


If you’re a fan of big guns or big sniper rifles, this is the gun for you. First thing is that even with the big size of the gun, it is a lightweight weapon as it is made up of polymer except for the internals and metal barrel. The butt plate is rubberized to provide shoulder protection to the shooter. Being a spring-powered gun, it helps in weight reduction even more.
For the adjustments, a long rail at the top will allow you to put any kind of scope you so wish to put. The reason for this is because with a gun looking so big, you will have to also buy a scope that compliments its size. The most surprising thing about the gun is the 500 round capacity magazine storage and the inexpensive kit it comes with. The gun is reminiscent of the long Barrett M107.


The gun is extremely lightweight
It claims to have 500 rounds magazine
Can switch to full auto
Reminiscent of M107
Comes with a bipod and scope
Really inexpensive and affordable


Bipod is a little flimsy
The bolt doesn’t sound so good
Wasted space in the magazine
It may not look pleasant for people of different frames e.g. short people