AKRacing Ak-7018 Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair


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The solution to a bad back or not being comfortable while gaming is to only upgrade to a racing chair.

AKRacing Ak-7018 Racing Chair
AKRacing Ak-7018 Racing Chair

Racecar chairs are usually made for drivers who drive for longer hours and therefore have the best comfort designed to them. The AKRacing Ak-7018 is a gaming chair that makes you feel nice and secure just the way a normal racing chair would be. It’s simply one of the best gaming chairs out there!

The Ak-7018 comes with a head cushion that provides comfort while gaming. It is adjustable so you can remove or reset it if you didn’t find it comfortable. A back lumbar support is available and you can raise or lower it depending on where you need it for healthy back comfort.

It has nice and comfortable wings that wrap you around for comfort purposes. The bottom of the chair has a long base which provides good support for your knees.

AKRacing Ak-7018 Gaming Chair
AKRacing Ak-7018 Gaming Chair

The chair comes with adjustable armrest where you can lower or raise them depending on your desk position. You can tilt at 180 degrees and it can be used for different functionalities. May it be reading, watching, gaming or taking a nap.

It also has a 5 star casters that provide stability.

The AKRacing Ak-7018 Gaming Chair Key Features

  • Very comfortable
  • Well-built design
  • Great lumbar-support for health issues
  • Embroidered logo
  • Multifunctional