Agm Mp001 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle


For all the economic airsoft lover out there, the inexpensive AMG MP001 Bolt Action is the best gun for you. With the classic wooden soft shotgun look, you will surely turn heads with it. It comes coupled with a speed loader of 30 rounds, two point sling mount and a rail where you can put your optics.

The gun shoot at a one bolt action at 400 FPS. The back of the gun features a removable rubber butt plate which has a hollow stock making it very light. It has a rear sling mount. The grip is rubberized and the trigger and safety come with a metallic distinction. The top-end is all metal but the bottom plastic.

The surprising thing is that when it comes to action, at 0.20 grams bbs, the rifle still shoots very accurately. While at 0.30 grams bbs it improves in accuracy shooting at farther ranges. So it’s a pretty good gun.


  • Very inexpensive (under $100)
  • Lightweight material
  • Accurate at shooting targets


  • Has no scope
  • Has a bad sling
  • Magazines are flimsy
  • It jams a lot